Tips, Tricks And Advice For Iphone Owners

TIP! Make sure you update your iPhone when you see new updates are available. This means that your phone will always have what it needs to function properly.

As an iphone user, you likely realize its tremendous capabilities, though you may not know everything it is truly able to do. To get the most from using your iphone, keep reading this article.

TIP! If you want to browse the web with ease on the iPhone, try a larger keyboard. You can get this added value without purchasing an expensive accessory! Put the iPhone to the side and in Safari, tap on the address bar.

Get a keyboard that is bigger in order to browse easier with your iphone. It is not necessary to buy a larger keyboard. Simply turn your iphone sideways and press the Safari address bar! The keyboard will be bigger, and you will be able to type on it better.

TIP! Lower your iPhone’s brightness to save your battery. All you need to do is go into your phone’s settings and scale back its brightness.

Lower your iPhone’s brightness to save your battery. Simply go the settings option on your iphone and select the brightness option. If you do this, you can save a great amount of battery. If you want your phone to be as charged as possible, this is especially important.

TIP! When travelling through the web using the iPhone, you never have to worry about including the “.com” after the web address.

You don’t have to append “.com” to web addresses while you are browsing. As long as you punch in the body of the website address, your browser will be able to locate the site you’re looking for. It might not seem like that much of a time-saver, but there is no reason to type it if you don’t have too.

TIP! You can make a phone call with one tap while using Safari. Perhaps you are searching for a local grocery store.

Compose emails, notes, and messages faster with this easy tip. Should the suggested dictionary word not be desirable when texting, just tap on the screen and clear it. An “X” out option appears, as you can simply neglect this.

TIP! You can create shortcuts and a dictionary on your iPhone. You can use the diction feature and have your phone transcribe what you say out loud.

When you get to a webpage, you can use your fingers to search. Use one finger to scroll through webpages that are formatted with boxes. You can scroll through the whole page with two fingers.

TIP! Use your iPhone to download yourself an app that enables you to upload any files you want onto your phone, this way you can use your iPhone as a file storage device. You can easily upload a variety of multimedia files to your iPhone.

After reading through this article you are going to realize that the power of your iphone is greater than you anticipated. You simply have to remember what you have learned the next time you use the phone!