Getting You Comfortable With Your Iphone

TIP! Conserve the battery by reducing your iPhone’s brightness level. Do that by adjusting brightness in Settings to a reduced level.

Pretty much everyone who has seen the iphone thinks it’s one of the best inventions in the world. What makes people love this device so much? The following paragraphs have the answer to that query, and will also provide you the iphone tricks you might have never discovered otherwise.

TIP! When you know how to use volume controls for picture taking, you can take the picture with your headphone cord. Steady your hands then press the button on the cord.

Are you tired of notifications you receive? Here is a tip on how to turn them off. Go to settings, then select notifications. While browsing the “Notification Center” area, look for apps that should not be there. Doing this will keep the life of your battery long.

TIP! Location-based reminders are possible thanks to Siri. Rather than asking Siri to tell you to do something at noon, you have another option.

Any site that you frequently visit can be turned into an app. Open the website on your phone’s browser. Tap “Go” once you access the site. Then, you will have the option of adding the site to the home screen. Also, you have the ability now to rename it as a unique application.

TIP! Practically any website can be transformed into an app for your iPhone. When you are on the site there are a couple of things you have to do.

There are a lot of multimedia capabilities that you can use when you are playing with your iphone. Your iphone can become your primary source of entertainment when you download TV programs and clips to it.

Tag Email

TIP! The cord on your headphone is capable of shooting photographs. First, set up your picture.

To get your messages, tag email accounts on the iphone. This will allow you to see your emails immediately. You can tag email from one account or more than one account so that you receive notifications on your iphone that you’ve received email.

TIP! Link your personal and business email accounts to the phone in order to maintain consistent access. This will allow you to see your emails immediately.

One of the iphone features most users utilize is that of taking pictures. After a long photo shoot, though, sorting through the snapshots on the camera roll can be cumbersome. Keep your pictures organized with the iphone album. This can help you locate a specific picture much quicker.

TIP! Hard reset your iPhone if it gets frozen. All you need to do is press and hold both the power and Home buttons at the same time until the phone resets.

As said earlier, it seems that almost everyone owns an iphone or knows someone who does. You may have heard the hype and questioned it. Hopefully, this article has made it clear why the iphone is as amazing as everyone says it is.